• Application specific cutter blade design
  • Active swarf feeding system
  • Automation system to protect the cutter blades
  • Cutter blades are made of high strength alloy steel
  • Long life time
  • Low motor power and energy consumption

About the Products

In order to process the long or bundled swarf it is necessary to decrease the size of the chips. ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredders decrease the size of the swarf to appropriate measures for de-oiling with centrifuge, briquetting, smelting, mechanical, pumping or suction conveying and storage.

The ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredders offer application specific cutter blades that are CNC machined from high strength alloy steel. The cutter blades are processed at 4 stages until they reach to the strength and precision to be assembled. ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredders applies a scissors like method to cut the swarf into pieces, the swarf is not crushed or tore. The main reason of this working principle is the ductile structure of metals. In order to apply this shredding method, the surfaces of the cutter blades that would work against each other should be sharp and the distance between them should be well defined. Each process applied to the cutter blades is to ensure the sharpness and the precision during extended periods of time.

The ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredders offer unmatchable performance when used with ECOCUT-TECH Shredder Feeding Screw Conveyors. The swarf is pushed towards the vertically aligned shredding rotors to prevent jamming due to instantaneous swarf load, while ensuring minimum slack time. Another duty of the feeding conveyor is to remove the excess swarf from the shredder in case of jams due to solids and provides space for the shredder to remove the solid. Each ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredder comes with an automation system that protects the shredder from solids, which enables long life time.

ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredders are manufactured at different sizes and with application specific cutter geometries. Shredders can be used directly at the swarf discharge of machining centers, like in the pneumatic conveying systems, but also can serve as central units, like in size reduction for de-oiling with centrifuges.

Please follow the link to reach to the ECOCUT-TECH Grinders page for shredding of non-metal materials, like wood, plastic, etc.

Technical Specifications
  ECDS-850 ECDS-700 ECDS-500
Swarf Feeding Opening (length x width mm) 850 x 600 650 x 600 500 x 600
Number of Rotors 2 2 2
Shaft Diameter (mm) 90 90 90
Speed (rpm) 10 - 20 10 - 20 10 - 20
Number of Cutting Blades 29 22 17
Blade Diameter (mm) 250 250 250
Motor Power (kW) 18.5 11 7.5
Weight (kg) 975 850 650
Metal Swarf Shredder Video 1 Metal Swarf Shredder Video 2 Metal  Swarf Shredder Application Metal  Swarf Shredder Application Metal  Swarf Shredder Application ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredder Application ECOCUT-TECH Metal Swarf Shredder Application