Swarf has substantial economic value on its own, and managing it in the "right" way has a paramount importance for swarf producing companies. The benefits that companies could get by managing swarf in the right way can be listed as;

  • Decrease in the labor costs
  • Decrease in the workshop area usage by swarf
  • Decrease in the usage of cutting fluids
  • Increase in the scrap value of swarf
  • Decrease in the energy consumption
  • Decrease in the environmental effects

In order to enjoy the benefits listed, not only de-oiling the swarf is sufficient, but also improvements in loading, handing, storing and transporting are necessary.

With the supplementary machinery offered, ECOCUT-TECH brings in fully automated systems that would maximize the benefits of a swarf management system.


ECOCUT-TECH Steel Belt Conveyors are indispensable components of swarf management systems with their robust and durable structure, and ability to handle swarf of all geometries. ECOCUT-TECH Steel Belt Conveyors are used in conveying the swarf within the hopper attached to its body or from the outlet of a shredder or a centrifuge to next step of processing or storage. The conveyors are equipped with cutting fluid collection tanks and level switch operated pumps, to handle the oozing cutting fluid in the hopper or on the belt.

Steel Belt Conveyors

ECOCUT-TECH Scraper Belt Conveyors offers the optimized solution to convey the swarf to long distances, to heights and to steep angles. They offer low price-performance ratios (i.e. dolar per kg of conveyed swarf) in multi-silo filling applications, thanks to the hatches attached to the body of the conveyor.

Scraper Belt Conveyors

ECOCUT-TECH Screw Conveyors offers the most cost effective means of swarf conveying. In order to adapt this very common conveying method to swarf, several in-house designed improvements have been applied which made ECOCUT-TECH Screw Conveyors capable of working at steeper angles, carrying swarf higher with shorter projections and extended life span.

Screw Conveyors

The "right" way of swarf management starts with collecting the swarf into the swarf cart. The ECOCUT-TECH Swarf Carts offers sturdy construct, effortless maneuver, easy off-loading, and collection facilities for oozing coolants. When employed in conjunction with the ECOCUT-TECH Swarf Cart Lifts, by customizing the colors and the locking mechanisms, they provide an effective method to not to mix different types of swarf in workshops machining different types of metals.

Swarf Cart

In order to load the swarf collected in swarf carts in the fastest, most secure and at lowest cost way into the swarf processing system, it is recommended to employ ECOCUT-TECH Swarf Cart Lifts. The alternative methods to Swarf Cart Lifts are either insecure like using overhead cranes or too slow and costly like manual loading with a shovel.

Swarf Cart Lift

ECOCUT-TECH Swarf Screens are used to separate the foreign objects that might be present in the swarf, like solid metal bars, which might negatively effects the operation of other machinery within the system.

Swarf Screen

The re-claimed coolants are collected by processing the swarf with centrifuge or briquetting press. In order to ensure that the re-claimed coolants re-used in an economically sound ways, they must be cleaned off the impurities and can be transferred effortlessly. ECOCUT-TECH Coolant Collection Systems enables the efficient management of the re-claimed coolants within the workshop.

Coolant Collection System

ECOCUT-TECH Magnetic Separators, which are manufactured with strong permanent magnets, are used for cleansing the ferrous impurities within the non-ferrous metal swarf that are not desirable during recycling. In order to ensure high percentages of cleansing the swarf is distributed evenly on the surface of the magnetic drum. Moreover the drum speed can be set by the end-user which enables the system to suit to the changing conditions of the processed material. The ECOCUT-TECH Magnetic Separators are offered with feeding conveyors that would suit to the needs of the application to form a complete system.

Magnetic Separator

Within the time interval between the end of process until transportation, the swarf needs to be stored cost effectively under most suitable conditions. The highest cost incurred due to storage of the swarf is the precious manufacturing space consumed. Because of the difficulties of piling and loading to the transportation vehicle, the consumed floor space to store swarf is considerably high. Storing the swarf within silos decreases the floor space used and also renders the manpower used to load the transportation vehicles unnecessary.

ECOCUT-TECH Swarf Cart Lift